Tuesday, December 16, 2008

100 Things...

I know most bloggers reserve this for their 100th post, but I'll be different and post it 1st.

1. I love the Lord and I am thankful for my husband and beautiful girls.
2. I pray for my daughters… their futures, their faith, and my role as their mom… all day every day. The magnitude of this job overwhelms me.
3. Ron and I are the perfect blend of opposite and same.
4. I am thankful that I have a family of Christians and a support system there.
5. I would be the world’s worst Stay at Home Mom if I ACTUALLY stayed home! I get cabin fever QUICKLY and really love to be out and about. I don’t know how ladies with one vehicle families or in rural communities do it.
6. I wish I could sing.
7. I am scared of dogs.
8. Ron and I were married on March 8th.
9. I have started a lot of writing projects that are incomplete because they’re not up to my satisfaction.
10. My #. My bday is 10/10 and our home was on 10th street when I was born.
11. I can’t stand tomatoes (including ketchup and spaghetti… I can only tolerate them in chili if V-8 was used as base… no chunks, and in salsa if WELL disguised).
12. I am VERY MUCH a native to Kansas City. I only recently learned that this is unusual. I was born and raised here, my parents were, and 2 out of 4 grandparents were (the other 2 about 1 ½ hours away). My great-grandpa was involved in building Municipal Auditorium. And I adore my city… even with flaws.
13. I write poetry, but rarely share it.
14. Ron proposed at Liberty Memorial at night (same place my grandpa proposed to my grandma).
15. I love Classic Disney Animated Movies and enjoy watching them with Emily (Kayla doesn’t really watch yet).
16. On my daughter’s 16th Birthdays they will open time capsules we prepared for them as a family on their 1st birthdays.
17. Emily was born on the 17th of August.
18. Emily was named to honor my mentor Evelyn. Evelyn wrote a book, ‘Emily and the Santa Fe Trail” about a 12 year old girl and based the character off of my personality… so in a round about way she is named after me and honoring my mentor. Her MN (Ann) is the same as 3 of her 4 great-grandmothers.
19. Kayla was born on the 19th of September.
20. Kayla was given a K name on purpose because I have a K name, Grandma had a K name, Great-Grandpa had a K name. We loved it because it meant Pure and Beloved and was girly. Her MN (Esther) is because Ron was saved after hearing a sermon on Esther.
21. My least favorite chore is cleaning floors (sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming.)
22. I LOVE Frank Sinatra.
23. The only two foreign countries I’ve been to are Mexico and Belize… both briefly.
24. I wish I could dance and admire those who can.
25. My face is very expressive, but often misinterpretted because people think I’m reacting to one thing when I’m thinking about something else entirely.
26. Cherry Coke (classic Coca-Cola with Grenadine is best) is my FAVORITE, but I gave up caffeine when I learned I was pregnant with Emily. I’ve just finished nursing Kayla so I’ll allow myself up to one a day. People thought I was addicted, but I seriously didn’t have any COLD TURKEY and it was just fine.
27. I love calla lilies. Okay, everyone knows that if they know my screen name… but 100 is hard to list!
28. I LOVE to try new things… so much that when I find things I want to stick with (like ordering a menu item at a restaurant) I feel bad for not trying something new so I’ll HUNT down recipes so I can make my first favorite at home and justify my menu exploration.
29. I strongly dislike it when I feel like people are trying to "make me” like something or “force it on me.” I take time to get used to things and don’t like being forced or pushed. When pushed, I run and hide. People think I “don’t give things a chance” sometimes because they don’t know a) just HOW MANY life experiences I have had (I typically DO know and HAVE done things ppl think I have not done and now dislike) OR b) I know myself REALLY REALLY well and I know what I like and why I like it.
30. When I like something or someone… it’s FOREVER. When I don’t…. it takes a LOT to change my mind and with ‘things’… I pretty much never do change my mind (dogs, tomatoes, mushrooms… they’re OUT). The good thing about this is that I am very consistent. The bad thing is that I’m hard to persuade for those who care to persuade me.
31. I think Proverbs 31 is a HIGH standard and I’m trying…. By His Strength.
32. People tell me I look like Christina Ricci. Not sure if that’s a good thing.
33. I strongly believe that women should be educated and it is good for them (for a lot of reasons) to have marketable skills, even if ultimately they are Stay at Home Moms.
34. I never wear post earrings (I wear earrings that dangle or hoops) because when my ears were pierced (I was 5) the girl who did it did it lopsided. One lobe is substantially lower than the other and ppl notice this more if I wear posts… so I don’t wear posts, ever.
35. I can’t stand Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. I do not understand what all the fuss is about.
36. I think more clearly when I write on a yellow legal pad (all those years of debate) or type on MY computer (others won’t do).
37. I prefer cold over hot. Winter is MUCH better than summer. Fall is my favorite though.
38. I never thought I’d be a mini-van mom. Stop laughing Lex!
39. I’m tone deaf. At least, I think I’m tone deaf. My singing sounds fine… to me. LOL
40. The clothes in my closet are hung in color order. There is a reason for this. I hate trying to find things, so I need to know where they are. If the red shirt isn’t hanging with the reds, that means it is dirty. Period. No mystery. No hunt.
41. I battle insomnia…. All the time. My mind is constantly “on the go.”
42. My spices are alphabetized. See #40. No I’m not OCD. Why would you think that? LOL
43. I am sick and tired of voting AGAINST the light rail. Good grief… when does NO mean NO. How many times can they possibly put this on the ballot?
44. I read a lot of magazines (Family Fun, Wondertime, Real Simple, Cooking Light, Hallmark) and I really enjoy getting new magazines in the mail.
45. I feel guilty, but I can’t stand Veggie Tales. I really admire the ministry of Veggie Tales and I’m thankful for people who are willing to do that, but I just don’t like them. They’re so hyper and Boing-y… is that a word? I’ve tried to like them, I really have.
46. I’m not athletic… at all… and I regret it… but not enough to change it.
47. I wash my feet immediately before going to bed every night. Even if I just showered.
48. I am a Library Addict. I walk in and they grab my books. All of the librarians know my name and my children’s names. I go to “my library” 3-4 times a week AND two other libraries at least 3 times a month (LOVE the Downtown Library and Plaza Library, but can’t justify more than a once a month trip). I know my library card number. I do not know my husband’s SSN or my children’s SSNs without looking them up. Hmm.
49. I go to Kansas City’s sites and museums more than anyone I know. I get disappointed when there are several things I want to do/see and they happen at once and I must pick one. This happens a lot in December. My friends call me for advice when they have out of town visitors to show around. Everyone asks me where to go and when to go there. I should try to get a job with the Visitor’s Bureau! ;-)
50. I wish I had time to read more.
51. The thing I miss most as a mom… being able to do something from start to finish without interruptions (ANYTHING… be it a 1 minute or 1 hour task).
52. I am color-blind.
53. I’ve flown in and co-piloted a Hot Air Balloon.
54. I went all the way through Girl Scouts and they paid my 1st year of college.
55. Sometimes I am lazy and leave the dishes for the morning…and then I can’t sleep because I feel guilty for doing this.
56. My siblings think it is fun to taunt my OCD by randomly moving my things an inch or two to see if I notice. I do.
57. Science was my least favorite subject in school.
58. I carry a miniature Bible in my purse. I also carry a miniature Constitution in my purse. Both come in very handy. Often.
59. I went to public school for 4 years, then was homeschooled from 4th-12th grade. College thereafter.
60. I always get nauseaus just before public speaking, but I wouldn’t say I’m nervous (because I’m not in my mind…. Not worrying or anything)… it’s just the built up excitement. Once on stage, it’s like a major energy boost.
61. Ron is much better at fine point details (like drawing) than I am, but he won’t admit it.
62. I wish I could play piano as well as I once could.
63. I’m a CafeMom addict.
64. I LOVE to color and play with playdough with Emily.
65. I love Kayla’s laugh when we hold her feet and say Peee… Ewww. She laughs when you ACT like you’re going to tickle her. It is contagious.
66. I love to play dolls, My Little Pony, and other games/toys from my childhood with my girls… it’s nostalgic and really sweet.
67. Personalty-wise…I’m a blend of my four grandparents. My husband is like my two grandfathers swirled together… which is REALLY strange to say as they are OPPOSITES.
68. Love Spell from Victoria’s Secret is my scent. Pure by Eddie Bauer is Ron’s.
69. I want to be like Evelyn when I grow up.
70. When we eat at Jack Stack, I always save one onion ring “for dessert.”
71. I can’t stand white cake. I can’t stand frosting with Crisco in it. This is one reason we did not have cake at our wedding. Ron and I had cheesecake. Our guests were served build your own sundaes from Sheridan’s. It was really fun.
72. I've been known to be driving and suddenly realize that I’m listening to a kids’ CD and my children are asleep or not even with me.
73. My favorite Christmas Carol is “Joy to the World” because I have clear memories of my dad’s mom teaching me the words when I was about 4 years old and we went to a Christmas program at my great-grandma’s nursing home. My 2nd favorite is Silver Bells because it’s a city Christmas song and I’m a city girl.
74. The Cheesecake Factory Tower is “my tower” at the Plaza Chritmas Light display. The Williams-Sonoma Tower is my sisters tower and the Function Junction Stick… er I mean tower… is Ron’s. Doesn’t everyone claim their own tower?
75. I remember when the Royal’s were good. The parade celebrating their win of the ’85 World Series is a fond childhood memory. I still have my helmet signed by Frank White. Most of my friends don’t know who Frank White is.
76. My favorite TV Show is Monk.
77. Ron juggled Jell-O on our first date. He tells everyone THAT is why I married him. Yeah, that was it. LOL
78. When people are TOO excited to see me, it makes me very nervous and leery.
79. I love our Pediatrician. She is SOOO good with my girls. I am thankful to have a good doctor.
80. I don't like microwaves and ONLY use ours for popcorn (sometimes we do that stovetop). I would much prefer to get rid of the microwave and have another cabinet.
81. I enjoy cooking more than I enjoy eating.
82. I love creative projects (writing, planning events, speaking, holiday and birthday planning, etc) and working on these things energizes me.
83. I do not like to get my hands dirty. This is one reason I rarely wear foundation (though I should)… I don’t like to touch it. I don’t like to dig in dirt. I don’t like things between my nails. I wear rubber gloves sometimes when I cook.
84. I LOVE seafood. Crab Legs are my favorite food. The Crab and Brie stuffed Salmon at McCormick & Schmick’s is awesome. The Cashew Crusted Tilapia with Jamaican Rum Butter Sauce at M&S is amazing too (I now have the recipe and make it myself). If seafood is well prepared it rocks. If not…. Ewww! I can’t decide if my best seafood experiences were in San Diego or San Francisco.
85. My right leg is an inch and a half longer than the left.
86. I have never seen E.T. It is one of the big movies of my generation, but I was not allowed to see it as a child. Now as an adult I have tried (just to know what the big deal was)… and every time, something strange happens. I borrowed it from the library and the DVD was broken. I’ve tried to watch it on TV and it gets interrupted with a Presidential Press Conference or a Power Outage or someone rings our doorbell. Literally, every time I attempt to watch E.T., I fail. I know he says Phone Home. Drew Barrymore was in it. Yeah, that’s about all I have for the E.T. Trivial Pursuit questions. LOL. I guess I’m not meant to see it. Honestly, based on my movie taste… I don’t think I’d like it.
87. It makes me feel old when my High School students tell me they love classic movies like Back to the Future or Karate Kid. Yeah, I was there when they were FIRST RUN in the theater and I am NOT old enough to be “classic.”
88. I have a collection of books by and about John and Abigail Adams and have read and written in most of them many times.
89. I keep a journal for both of my girls.
90. Planning birthday parties for my kids is one of my favorite things to do.
91. I took three semesters of Spanish in college and I got straight As in it. Now, I do not remember ANYTHING from it. Sad, huh? I do remember that I adored my teacher. She was so sweet.
92. I have a gigantic collection of board games and genuinely enjoy them. The only style of board game I know I dislike is trivia games… they bore me because you either know it or you don’t.
93. I LOVE the smell of coffee, but I cannot stand the taste.
94. The best movie I’ve seen in theaters since motherhood is Enchanted. I loved it. But, that tells you a lot about what movies I’ve seen since motherhood.
95. Ron and I love Japanese Steakhouses on date night. That’s one dish we can’t quite replicate at home. We try a lot of things together and enjoy “new things,” but this and M&S are our favorite repeats.
96. I don’t like swimming. I’m not good at it and I don’t like water in my face. I will, however, play with my kids in the water and enjoy that.
97. I really don’t like the traditional Thanksgiving menu. I eat turkey, rolls, mashed potatoes with butter and appetizers. I always go home HUNGRY on Thanksgiving. I can’t stand stuffing, gravy, sweet potatoes, casseroles, creamed corn or squash. I would be perfectly content to never have a traditional Thanksgiving meal again. I didn’t have one this year (coincidence with sick kids). Boy, do I sound un-American or what?
98. I don’t give my cell phone # out. I do not use it as a regular phone (that’s what home #s are for) and I disagree with most people’s version of cell phone etiquette. For instance, I think it is 100% wrong to call back someone you DO NOT KNOW when they don’t leave a message just because their number appeared on your caller ID. If I called your number and didn’t leave a message and I don’t know you and you don’t me… it was an accident. Don’t call me back!
99. I still have my favorite toys from childhood and can’t wait to share them with my girls in a few years.
100. I love variety in structure. Spend a week with me and you’ll know what, exactly, that means.

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