Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Eternal Gem

My Eternal Gem
written by Kristina Haines (my maiden name, I was 16 when I wrote this)

Someday I will leave this big world,
And all of its sin behind.
I'll walk upon the streets of gold,
with the Savior of Mankind.

So when I die, I want to know,
That I have fulfilled His plan.
I want to be completely sure,
That I've served the Son of Man.

I want to have peace in knowing,
That I've served Him faithfully,
That the seeds that I've been sowing,
Have prospered abundantly.

I want to leave no undone things,
Or possible could-have-beens,
I want to see the King of Kings,
And know I have lived for Him.

And when I walk through the gates of pearl,
And see the Lord of Hosts - -
Of the many things in this world...
Here is what I want the most:
To know my life was lived for Him,
That I served Him faithfully.
This simple peace will be my gem...
Throughout eternity.